More power and energy with hatha yoga

What is yoga?

The path of practice Yoga has undergone many changes and renovations in its thousands of years of history. Each of these paths is right - for the people to which it fits.


That's one of the reasons why Yoga still seems so new and timeless.

This way of practice includes - if you follows the traditions of hatha yoga, physical exercises (asanas and movement / flow), breathing exercises (pranayama), cleansing practices (kriyas), concentration exercises (Dharanas), meditation (Dhyanan) and - as the accompanying - a permanent self-inquiry (Svadhyaya).

By Anna Trökes

My yogastyle - Hatha Yoga to B.K.S. Iyengar

B.K.S. Iyengar: Yoga üben mit Hilfsmitteln.

Hatha Yoga means power. Iyengar yoga is Hatha Yoga to the world practiced method of B.K.S. Iyengar. Hatha Yoga is a centuries-old Indian philosophy that through the practice of asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) brings people with their three essential forms body, mind and soul.


Hatha Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar is based on this ancient teaching, helping the precise execution of the asanas, to maintain flexibility and stability in the body and improve. A special feature of Iyengar Yoga is the targeted use of tools. It allows the use of belts, blankets, blocks, etc. It all helps practitioners to take the yoga poses to suit the individual physical condition. So it is of all ages and physical condition possible in accordance with their personal needs for people to practice yoga and re-energize.


In addition to the Indian yoga philosophy to B.K.S Iyengar Yoga I practice also by the Christian aspects of Heinz Grill.

What yoga can do for you!

With regular practice, yoga can bring about the following improvements:

  • relieve muscle tension.
  • headaches alleviate and prevent.
  • back pain relief and prevention.
  • relieve circulatory disorders.
  • internal unrest degrade.
  • increase concentration.
  • stress symptoms (for example problems with your sleep or tension) degrade.
  • build and tone muscles.
  • increase the flexibility of your body.
  • increase your creativity.
My style: Asanas practicing exactly.
Find your inner balance with yoga!

In general, sport has a positive effect on the brain. In yoga, we think first of a purely physical training. Meditation and breathing exercises are part of every good yoga program and further advantages for our brain. How yoga affects our brain that current studies. 20 minutes yoga regularly have great influence on the speed and accuracy of our memory.


The concentration on the breath plays an important role in yoga. In our daily lives, our thoughts are quickly distracted and restless. There we find it more difficult to us to focus on a task and to cope with them. If you focus on your breath, your body and your mind relaxes easier and faster.


Often we lack peace and quiet and we feel impatient and driven. With various asanas (yoga exercises) you train to focus on the here and now. These exercises soothe your nervous system and improve your sleep.


Many yoga studios offer Detox Yoga and build in their programs asanas, which affect your weight and detoxify. They accumulate your blood with more oxygen when exercising regularly. The exercises massage and stimulate your digestive organs, stimulate your liver and kidneys and are highly detoxing.


Many exercises convey a sense of strength and balance, and have a positive effect on your self-confidence from. The regular practice of yoga increases the confidence in your own abilities and your perseverance. You stand and feel back upright and self-confident.

Asana (Yogaübung): Die Kindspose

Yoga exercises affect, among other things on your endocrine system. This secretes hormones from your body.


The so-called Childs Pose acts, for example, soothing and rejuvenating effect on the adrenal glands, which secrete a number of hormones such as cortisol (stress hormone).


Certain yoga exercises can give you a better physical sense of security. Especially through asanas while standing, you feel more connected to the ground (earth) and are better with both feet in life. The warrior one and two, and Trikonasana (the triangle) are among the grounding yoga figures. Especially in times of physical changes, such as moving or traveling these exercises are a great help.


In your right brain sits your intuition. Our daily life is rational embossed whereby we neglect our intuition. Regular meditation practice helps you to get more rest. You're listening to yourself and learn to appreciate the silence. Your mind calms down and you bow fears.

Yoga Personal Training and Yoga Therapy - Benefits

What are the benefits of personal training?

  • You get 100% attention all alone for your concern.
  • All exercises are tailored to them personally and take into account their wishes.
  • You practice yoga with secure assistance.
  • Staff training ensures faster progress than in classes.
  • Relax in a nice atmosphere.
  • You are extensively advised about your personal back / neck / shoulder or other physical and somatic complaints.
  • Mental I support you in complying with your training program and your current mood.
  • Specially tailored to your relaxation exercises.
  • I advise you to continue leading courses.
  • You learn about the philosophy of yoga, what are you interested in personally.
Zwei Frauen machen parallel zueinander eine Yogaübung. Beide strecken den Arm nach vorne aus. Die Hand ist senkrecht zum Körper aufgestellt. Yoga Personal Training in Waldenbuch, Raum Böblingen

Well prepared for the yoga group!

Interested in the latest yoga trend and do not know in which group yoga is right for you? You are concerned that you can not go along with the group physically? You can not really imagine what lies beneath the solar plexus and pranayama (breathing techniques)? Feel pure in one or two personal yoga sessions lasting ninety minutes with me. I am happy to answer all your open questions and advise you at prices that make sense for you and do you good.

Yoga personal training

Personal Training: Ein goldener Buddha sitzt hinter einem smaragdgrünen Buddha und stützt ihn.

The Yoga Personal Training is the most original form to learn yoga. The student faces the teacher and learned the basics of yoga. After exactly this principle I create my lessons. My knowledge of yoga I give you in personal training next best. You benefit from my experience that I give you finely tuned to your needs. I make sure that you align your body properly in each Asana (Yoga Exercise) and support you with targeted assistance. In this way you avoid mistakes, strengthen your physical ailments.


If you train yoga regularly, to dissolve tension and pain permanently. You improve your body awareness and coordination.


Yogatherapie: Yoga Übungen werden ganz exakt ausgefüht, so wie der Krieger. Frau übt den Krieger in schönem Garten.

Each disease process is always a physical expression of a spiritual imbalance. So asks a disease on you to be aware of your own life deliberately.


By actively working on yourselve, you help to get well and stay. With your willingness to your current living situation makes to work yoga therapy effective. We work your resume on biographical and practicing yoga, tailored to your physical and psychological symptoms. We promote your self-reflection and encourage your self-healing powers. As yoga therapist I accompany you in the context of yoga therapy in this process and give you motivational impulses.

Yoga in towel

Yoga im Tuch: Verjüngen sie ihre Bandscheiben!

As with yoga not only the physical aspect plays at Yoga in towel a role. You learn with ease to develop confidence to let go and move beyond it.


The cloth bears 500 kg can be adjusted in height to your individual needs.


Your benefits:

  • The training has a regenerative effect on the intervertebral discs.
  • Difficult yoga exercises are feasible through the cloth.
  • Reversal exercises: for example, headstand, handstand can be experienced with the sense of security.
  • Expansions can be carried out more intensively.
  • Your detox is increased by the additional massage from yoga towel.
  • The lymph are stimulated.
  • Get your circulation going.

Let yourself go, you fly off and have fun!

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